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9 Mobile Bidding Tips for Event Success

Mobile bidding is an excellent way to increase participation in your silent auction and boost fundraising efforts for your organization. With a one-stop-shop product, Text2Bid®, bidders can have everything they need in one place. From the bidding tools to other critical information, the process of bidding in a silent auction has never been easier nor more accessible. Text2Bid’s app-less mobile bidding also streamlines the process making both your job and your bidder’s ability to bid easier. The technology handles the brunt of the work, such as reports and highlighting a sponsorship, while your team focuses on the big picture items.


Not sure where to begin? Follow along for our expert mobile bidding tips. Our team dives into the critical components of mobile bidding and how to make the system efficient for you and your users.


#1: Offer Protection with ActiveYield Soft Close


The ActiveYield Soft Close gives bidders peace of mind that their bid is protected from last-minute bidders. Instead of potentially losing out on an item or losing the spot of the top bidder due to a last-minute bid; they can remain a contender in the auction. When a last-minute bidder places a bid, the time will get extended, allowing the existing bidder to counterbid. For bidders, this offers protection. For your organization and fundraiser, this tactic and feature is an opportunity to boost revenue.


#2: Utilize Real-Time Reports


With real-time reports in the mobile bidding system, tracking the progress of your auction is simplified. The Text2Bid system allows you to view an inclusive report full of insights. You can access the total amount raised, gauge participation, who your top spenders are, what your top items are, and much more. This information is also valuable long-term, giving you insight into what worked in your auction and what didn't. You can also see what items were a hit and which were not, and keep that information in mind when securing auction items for your next event.


#3: Expand Your Auction Timeframe


Silent auctions typically occur in a set time slot and date. However, with mobile bidding, the auction can go past the live time and extend, starting before the live auction and continuing after. The longer the auction goes, the more money your organization can raise. This additional time can also allow you to include new items in the mix.


#4: Send Out Invitations


Before bidders can hop on the mobile bidding system, they need to know that it exists. With a quick and easy e-invite, you can inform your audience, and beyond that, your mobile bidding system is going into effect. This invitation can even include a link that sends potential users to the app store to download the mobile bidding Text2Bid. Or, if it's a different system, the link can send them to that location. Regardless, the goal is to make the experience as simple as possible. 


#5: Offer Pre-Registration


Build up the excitement with pre-registration. Having this opportunity will allow for some excitement to grow as the days pass before the silent auction. During this pre-registration period, you can have the silent auction items up, encouraging bidders to view everything up for grabs and feel inspired to place their bids. Not only that, but this pre-registration opportunity will allow bidders to think ahead and plan to attend the event. They will have ample opportunity to add it to their calendar. 


#6: Incorporate Text Message Marketing


Stay at the forefront of the bidder's minds when you take advantage of text message marketing. With the mobile bidding process in place, you can collect information from users. With this system and information, you can also utilize text message marketing to send reminders, encourage participation, and keep bidders engaged. Every marker point leading up to the auction can become a notification sent to those who have expressed interest in the silent auction.


#7: Increase Excitement with a Door Prize


A door prize is an opportunity for a random bidder to receive a fun prize. After several bidders have participated in the silent auction, you can announce a door prize and mention that the prize will be a surprise. This announcement will boost participation and encourage those who have not yet bid but who have the desire to place a bid to act. With the mobile bidding system, you can select a phone number at random, then alert the bidder through the text messaging feature. The prize can also be anything of your choosing. Also, having attendees pre-register will allow you to send a text to them once bidding starts.


#8: Showcase Sponsors


With the Text2Bid system, sponsors can easily get included in the mix. They can also utilize the system and even have a section dedicated to them. Sponsors of the event can benefit from being highlighted through a button feature on the event page. There is also ample space for multiple sponsors through a rotating button feature. Every sponsor of the event can be included in the rotator. They also get featured on the item page with the item they are having auctioned. Bidders interested in the item the sponsor has up for grabs can see what they have to offer and might even decide to check out the sponsor outside of the auction.


#9: MyBids Center


Give bidders the option to keep track of all their bids in one place with the MyBids Center. This portion of the mobile bidding system is intuitive and includes all the information a bidder needs. Not only does this feature eliminate the stress of keeping track of bids, but it is easily accessible with one touch. Everything from wish list items, items already bidding on, to donations, can be found in this convenient portion of the mobile bid system.


Closing Thoughts


Streamline your next auction and boost participation with the help of mobile bidding. Mobile bidding allows bidders to join in on the fun early, late, in-person, or online. The wide timeframe gives bidders and sponsors more opportunity and benefits the organization and fundraiser, raising more money. And now, with the Text2Bid system, bidding and participating in silent auctions has never been easier.

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